List the best coaching centers for CDS examination in Delhi. | 


List the best coaching centers for CDS examination in Delhi.

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SBP INSTITUTE – CDS (OTA-IMA) Coaching Classes in Mahipalpur , CDS (OTA-IMA)  Coaching Centre in Delhi Mahipalpur , CDS (OTA-IMA)  Coaching Institute in Delhi Mahipalpur , CDS (OTA-IMA) Coaching in Delhi Mahipalpur.
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We provide regular classroom program which based on such teaching methodology that boost confidence of students & creates the ability of solving even tough question in minimum span of time. Along with study material we conduct regular test & quiz session for continuous development of students.
Every success depends upon a good planning. So when a student decides to join an institution for the preparation of competitive exams, he needs to find a such institution which has a good planning.

SBP institute for defence services here we are running separate batches for CDS. This institute is dedicated to young blood of our nation here we prepare students thoroughly. We give extra focus on weak students. We have the highly qualified faculty which have experience more than ten years.

CDS notification is going to publish after some days batches have been started so interested candidates can go through CDS preparation in SBP institute. Here students can get the information regarding CDS exam and how to prepare for this in short span of time.

The entrance for Central Defence Services comprises of a Written Exam followed by and Intelligence and Personality Test. The details follow:


SBP Institute a Govt. approved organization has invited all candidate who are applying for the post of Combined DefenceServices"Examination (CDS)(OTA-IMA)and who are interested to take best coaching to improve their ability and also interested to apply super technique  methodology, study material and classroom assignments. The Course Methodology is dynamic as it takes into account the changes of life and we very much know in the pattern of the examination. SBP institute is a professionally managed and organized Combined DefenceServices"Examination (CDS)(OTA-IMA)coaching centre in Delhi, offering best coaching and preparing the job aspirants for the post of Combined DefenceServices"Examination (CDS)(OTA-IMA) Examination.

SBP Institute we Provide:

Complete study material in English / Hindi.

Short-cut Techniques in quantitative aptitude that you will not find anywhere.

Classes on English and general awareness.G.K,

Special classes on quantitative aptitude for weak students.

Special classes for English improvement.

Weekly tests to assess the comprehension level of the students.

Classes on banking and economy.

Classes on Psychometry and marketing.

Classes on how to answer descriptive paper.

Interview Sessions.

Details regarding latest vacancies and results.

Problem solving section (PSS), A one step solution to all your problems.

Unlimited speed tests (MOCK PAPERS) facility.

Memory-based papers of Combined DefenceServices"Examination (CDS) & OTHER EXAM etc.Held Previously.

Detailed Discussion and analysis of speed-tests.

Interactive session with the successful students.

Contact –9958113774, 8587070305, 011-26783771.


Website: -









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