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Plastic Surgery Before and After Brings Tremendous Shocks

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Plastic Surgery Before and After Brings TremendousShocks

Plastic surgery is known as a surgical process, an operation which involves the real knife-cuts, the painful stitches, and the use of injections to either repair, redo, reform, add, or change a specific part of the body for beauty enhancement and improved health. In reality, there are numerous types of surgery and operations performed to improve the efficiency in body usage in physical terms. However, such surgeries performed are not known to create such magical drastic changes or aid in beauty enhancement. As beauty and cosmetology comes together like a how a toothpaste comes along with its toothbrush in a package, cosmetic is believed to have the greatest impact and influence upon people and their daily lives. Cosmetology and beauty together marks the desire for being in the state of 'perfection' which then led to the booming introduction of 'Cosmetic Plastic Surgery' we refer shortly as 'plastic surgery'. People did not seem to agree and support the operation as much as it would in the early states; with an addition of before and after plastic surgery photos revealed, the popularity drops down to a negative value. However, the world and its modern society has changed completely into a new industry, a place where beauty, technology, inventions, and creations have created a great desire and crave for 'ideal perfection'. Fashion trends, culture, and traditions hold on greatly to the media influences, washing the minds of thepeople. With 'plastic surgery before and after' being the threat for those wanting to have the operation done, the photos are no longer of use to keep the beauty-wannabes aware of the drastic physical changes.

As people becomes completely unaware of the environment and the harmful influences plastic surgery can have upon them, more and more encouragement upon the surgical process tends to increase gradually. Although there are numerous cases where plastic surgery turned out well and grant the patients their precious desires, plastic surgery before and after photos are the major proofs to the surgery's threatening danger. Teenagers and young adults tend to follow the media presses and trends which leads to the misinterpretation of beauty, only linking to solely the perfect figures, proportioned facial features, and looks. It is true that people should take care of themselves for hygiene and health. Nevertheless, the wrong interpretation of beauty may lead to feelings of insecurity and self-dissatisfaction which then pushes them to undergo the knife-cutting processes. Without the essential awareness upon plastic surgery and its harms, patients may become more upset and disappointed with their looks after the operation, leading to stress and other mental disabilities. However, even if the results came out well, there is mostly likely other physical aftershocks such as nausea, illness, dizziness, and headaches that may disturb and greatly affect one's health long-term.

It is best to be fully satisfied with oneself, learn how to become a cheerful being without being anxious solely upon the appearance and the physical looks. Be happy and satisfied with being who you are and that will absolutely make a normal day special. 



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